The project is jointly led by Professor Javier Guitian from the RVC and Professor Ehab Abu-Basha from JUST. The core project team involves academics and postgraduate students from several disciplines and will expand as different activities are initiated.

Mohammed Ababneh, Professor of Theriogenology, JUST
Ehab Abu-Basha, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, JUST
Myassar Alekish, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, JUST
Ahmad Al-Majali, Professor of Epidemiology and Zoonoses, JUST
Mohammad Gharaibeh, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, JUST
Liam Good, Senior Lecturer in Pathology and Infectious Diseases, RVC
Javier Guitian, Professor of Veterinary Public Health, RVC
Wael Hananeh, Associate Professor of Pathology and Public Health, JUST
Peter Holloway, PhD student, RVC
Zuhair Bani Ismail, Professor of Clinical Veterinary Medical Sciences, JUST
Mohammad Khalifeh, Associate Professor of Immunobiology, JUST
Rami Mukbel, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Parasitology, JUST
Imadiddem Musallam, PhD student, RVC
Dirk Pfeiffer, Profesor of Veterinary Epidemiology, RVC
Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education, RVC
Hani Talafha, JUST
Abdelsalam Talafha, Associate Professor of Theriogenology, JUST
Steven van Winden, Senior Lecturer in Production Animal Medicine, RVC
Martin Whiting, Lecturer in Veterinary Ethics and Law, RVC

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